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The Democratic Women of North Carolina is dedicated to engaging women with the work of the Democratic Party.  We work to get women to vote, support women who run for office, and work to get Democrats up and down the ticket elected (especially if they are women!).  We make sure women have a seat at the table and a voice in decision making within the North Carolina Democratic Party.  

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The President of the Democratic Women of North Carolina, Elizabeth Goodwin, issued the following statement on behalf of DWNC regarding the Supreme Court’s decision to overturn Roe v. Wade: 


“Today, in a politically motivated decision, the Supreme Court ignored nearly 50 years of established precedent abandoning women and our right to control our own bodies, families, and destinies.


One in four women has had an abortion.  Their decisions on why they underwent this procedure are private, and were made in consultation with a medical professional.  Today, the Court ruled that state legislatures have the ability to apply blanket restrictions on access to healthcare for women. They decided that a state legislature’s interests in a woman’s reproductive system are likely more “compelling” than her own.  


The ruling in Dobbs is about more than what decisions a woman gets to make with regards to pregnancy.  It’s ultimately about who gets to control a woman’s freedom, autonomy, and health. No longer are women in control of these complex and highly personal decisions.  Instead, the state will be in control with legislatures deciding when and if she reproduces, substituting their judgment for her own and that of her doctor.   


As Democrats, but most importantly as women, the Democratic Women of North Carolina will continue to fight for all women and their rights.  This is a call to action to all women who believe that they should be able to have autonomy over their bodies, health care, and futures.  We must fight for each and every seat in our legislature so we can ensure abortion remains safe and legal in North Carolina, and that our state remains one where women’s lives and choices are valued and respected.  We must support Governor Cooper as he exercises his veto power over the legislation that our Republican controlled legislature is sure to come up with in the coming days.  And we must get Cheri Beasley elected to the US Senate, because what we need most right now is for Congress to codify a woman’s right to choose.  


We urge everyone who is angry, devastated, heart broken, scared, and fed up to get out and vote and to join our ranks in fighting for equality for women, because as we’ve seen first-hand today– elections have consequences, and those consequences have an enduring impact on our individual freedoms.  The consequences of Trump’s election?  The overturning of Roe v. Wade.  We must fight for the privacy rights that this Court seems intent to eviscerate– if we don't, what's next? “ 



For further comment DWNC President Elizabeth Goodwin may be reached at: 704-650-6338; 


Elizabeth Goodwin was elected President of DWNC in January 2021, serving as 1st Vice for the two years prior to that. She is an attorney with experience working on political campaigns from school board to president, a volunteer for the Democratic Party, and actively involved in her community in Charlotte, NC.

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